Our Services

Amaramba Capital Broker offers unbiased and comprehensive research, analysis and portfolio construction recommendations, backed by reliable data while leveraging its unique understanding of the Mozambican Capital Markets to meet individual clients’ needs.

Stock Broking

As the first licensed independent stock broker, ACB provides a platform for local and foreign investors to buy and sell shares of companies listed on the Mozambique Securities Exchange.

Our team is highly trained to act with integrity and professionalism at all times and in the best interest of the client. Our trading philosophy is anchored on precise and timely execution of clients’ orders while maintaining the highest standards of transparency, client confidentiality and independence.

Bonds Dealing

Our bond dealing desk offers investors access to fixed income securities such as T-bills, T-bonds, and Corporate bonds issued in the primary market and subsequently trading in the secondary market.

Our bond dealers will execute your instructions at the best prices based on liquidity, market conditions and delivery value to fixed income investors through regular insight on interest rates movements and market sentiment as well as first class execution of trades.

Financial Advisory

Our Corporate Finance practice has built expertise and a track record of experience spanning over 18 years in the areas of structured finance, corporate restructuring, M & A advisory and private placement among others. As a member of the Mozambique Securities Exchange, ACB’s strength lies in its ability to act as a financial advisor, placement agent and/or sponsoring stock broker for companies raising capital through the main market.

Investors need to be aware that past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance. We help them meet their investment needs by building informed, trusting and transparent relationships.

True Local. True Brokerage.